About James Spilker

A professor (consulting) of electrical engineering and aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford University, Dr. James Spilker remains a leader in these fields and has given several keynote talks before the American Metrology Society, the European Space Agency, Peking and Tsinghua Universities, and Samsung Electronics. Dr. James Spilker has earned a number of recognitions for his work, including the U.S. Air Force GPS Hall of Fame Award, the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Award,, the Premio Prize from Italy, the ION Johannes Kepler Prize, the Scott Helt Memorial Award, and the Burka Award. He has also been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, Life Fello of IEE, and Fello of ION. In addition, he has served on the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame committee and as the IEEE National Technical Chairman.

Outside of his duties as a professor, Dr. James Spilker has served on the U.S. Defense Science Board’s GPS Task Force and belonged to the Air Force GPS Independent Review Team for Air Force Space Command. He additionally sat on review boards for the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Association.
He is also the author of Digital Communications by Satellite, Prentice-Hall, and co-autor of GPS-theory and Application, AIAA,
His main accomplishment is as the primary designer of the GPS civil signal now used by 2 billion people around the world. He was also a primary co-designer of the new GPS L5 signal that will provide improved accuracy to the world.

Dr. Spilker serves as the executive chairman of AOSense Corporation, a company that he co-founded. This organization produces precision sensors for measuring position,time and, gravity tensor.


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